Owldrive, an overdrive by 76Owl

Give your amp the push it needs.


Buy One, Plant One Partnership.

Buy One. Plant One.

76Owl is excited to announce a partnership with Woodchuck USA Buy One, Plant One initiative. For every Owldrive pedal purchased, Woodchuck will plant a tree to help reforest the planet.

Legendary tone for the working musician

Great tone doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. The Owldrive by 76Owl makes boutique quality affordable.

The Owldrive makes for a great low to moderate gain overdrive on its own, but when pushing an amp on the edge of overdrive, it adds a harmonic richness and articulation. A great tool!

Ted Vig, Vig Guitars & Vig Custom Pickups

I love the subtle dynamic range and harmonic content it (Owldrive) has!

Rick Stack, Author, Session Player and owner of St. Paul School of Music

I can't make it sound bad! It's not easy to find a pedal that can do low/mid gain well. This thing is amazing! Gets my Stones/Areosmith thing goin'!

Clark Hamdorf, Ironton Sound, Gawker Slowdown