After years of using boutique transparent overdrive pedals as part of my tone, I started looking at variants of the circuits made by different companies. The Owldrive is a hand wired imported overdrive modeled after the famous transparent overdrive circuit. It honors the famous klon-style circuit but it has a bit more sweetness in the midrange and is more 'open' sounding.


The Owldrive Overdrive is hand wired with through-hole assembly in true boutique fashion. This process gives makes the pedal very flexible and easily repairable for generations to come.

  • Hand wired through-hole assembly not surface mounted PCB
  • True Bypass
  • Controls: Gain, Treble, Output
  • Aluminum Enclosure - 4 5/8" W x 3 5/8" D x 1 3/8" H
  • LED Status Light
  • 9V Negative Tip Power Supply (no battery - requires an adapter)